The IBMA Foundation supports programs and initiatives fostering the growth of bluegrass music. We help donors create a legacy for future generations of musicians and fans by connecting resources to projects that focus on bluegrass music-related arts and culture, education, literary work, and historic preservation. Join us on FaceBook.

Our patrons

We are so grateful for the support of our patrons. Click here to see the list of our generous donors.

Two types of grants

IBMA Foundation Project Grants- (up to $2000 each) are designed to assist programs that align with the goals of the Foundation. Deadline to apply: December 1. 


Bluegrass in the Schools Mini Grants- Schools or other groups organizing "Bluegrass in the Schools" assemblies should apply for a Mini Grant instead. (generally $300 per school assembly)


To download the appropriate forms for these two types of grants, click on the "Grant" tab at the top of our Home Page.

The work of the Foundation

The IBMA Foundation has proudly supported these worthwhile programs:


Project Grant Recipients:











and dozens of Mini-grants, funding live, educational presentations by bluegrass bands from around the world, at schools.


Bluegrass in the Schools

The IBMA Foundation believes strongly in passing bluegrass music along to the next generation of fans and musicians. One of our goals is to help educators (elementary – university level, including home schooling parents) to become more “bluegrass aware.”  Bluegrass music, a relatively new style of music (the classic sound jelled in the mid-‘40s with Bill Monroe and his Blue Grass Boys), is one of the very few musical genres to originate in the United States —so it has a roots music cultural value for American students in particular. Like jazz and blues, it’s also a valid style of music for teaching improvisational skills. | Click Here for More Information on Bluegrass in the Schools

Discover Bluegrass DVD

Discover Bluegrass introduces young (and young at heart) viewers to an original, joyful and uniquely American genre of acoustic roots music. Six instructional units, each roughly 10 minutes in length, explore the history and evolution of bluegrass music, starting with its old-time music roots and continuing through contemporary styles. Demonstrations include a look at the unique vocal harmony structure used in bluegrass music, along with info on the instruments used and their roles within a band. Grade level: 4-7 | Click Here for More Information on The Discover Bluegrass DVD 

Bluegrass College Programs

The IBMA Foundation works with institutions of higher education to encourage young bluegrass musicians to pursue bluegrass on a serious level. Here is a list of institutions with bluegrass degree programs, ensembles, courses and/or research opportunities.

Teacher Workshops

The IBMA Foundation has presented dozens of teacher workshops over the years with the goal of introducing bluegrass music to classroom and music teachers at all levels (including home schooling parents), by giving them practical lesson plans and tools to implement bluegrass music in the classroom. | Click Here for More Information on Teacher Workshops

Artist Training

Are you in a touring or local band who is interested in sharing bluegrass with young people?  The IBMA Foundation offers half-day trainings located in various regions of the U.S., usually affiliated with major festivals where artists will already be in attendance.  Event producers and association leaders interested in helping to develop bluegrass programs for local students are also welcome at these workshops. | Click Here for More Information on Artist Training

Lesson Plans

Here you will find award-winning lesson plans  that may be used to incorporate bluegrass music into your classroom or home school.  They have been organized by content categories and grade levels in order to easily identify a lesson plan that fits your needs. | Click Here for More Information on Lesson Plans

Teaching Manual

This manual is a resource for teachers seeking specific information about bluegrass music to present to a class and for bands/musicians interested in developing school programs. Included in this publication you will find specific program information about bluegrass music and a suggested presentation outline, along with funding development ideas and a list of written, DVD and internet program resources. | Click Here for More Information on The Teaching Manual


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Camps & Workshops

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