Our Donors

Thanks to these kind donors during the past year: December 1, 2022 - November 30, 2023.


(lifetime gifts of $100,000+)

Anonymous estate gift
The Richard Barnhart Estate



  • Katy Daley & Bill Brown (Katy Daley Broadcast Media/Sound Engineering Scholarship, Sally Ann Forrester Scholarship, IBMA Bluegrass College Scholarship)
  • Pisgah Banjo Company (Arnold Shultz Fund)
  • Paul Schiminger (IBMA international grant)



  • Eppes-Jefferson Foundation (Emcee Masterclass webinar – 2023)



  • Fred & Joy Bartenstein 
  • Jerry Barush
  • Sam Blumenthal (Fletcher Bright Memorial Fund for Young Musicians)
  • Dr. Richard Brown
  • Timothy P. Connell (2022-23 Bluegrass in the Schools mini-grant sponsor)
  • Dan Dorschel



  • Robert Forrester (Sally Ann Forrester College Scholarship)
  • Peter Salovey & Marta Elisa Moret
  • Mark Schuster, The Schuster Foundation
  • Billy Strings (Fletcher Bright Memorial Fund for Young Musicians)
  • Alan Tompkins
  • John & Trisha Tubbs (includes Arnold Shultz Fund, Rosenberg Bluegrass Scholar sponsor 2023)




  • PayPal Giving Fund 



  • Kissy Black (includes Arnold Shultz Fund)
  • Richard Bowden (J. D. Crowe Banjo Scholarship)
  • Bob Jeannin
  • George Matthews
  • Neil Rosenberg (Arnold Shultz Fund)
  • Wendy & Tom Tyner
  • Jon Weisberger (Rosenberg Bluegrass Scholar Award)
  • John Young 




  • Jean Barnes
  • Anni Beach
  • Brad Becker (Katy Daley Broadcasting & Sound Engineering Scholarship)
  • Robert Beggs
  • Laura Boosinger 
  •  Gloria Boyd
  • Phyllis Bryant 
  •  Joan Caviness (IBMA Bluegrass College Scholarship)
  • Lee Michael Demsey (Katy Daley Broadcast Media/Sound Engineering Scholarship)
  • Adam Engelhardt
  • Kenneth Finkel
  • Bill Foster
  • Gloria Gaudreau (youth education)
  • Ira Gitlin (Arnold Shultz Fund, in memory of Merle & Margaret Farney)
  • Priscilla Guild
  • Leigh Hill
  • James Hurster
  •  Bill Knowlton (Arnold Shultz Fund, in memory of Bill Vernon)
  • Gwen Koelemeyer (in memory of Dave Shattuck)
  • Tom & Barb Laing
  • Denise & Troy Lee (in memory of Dave Shattuck)

  • David Macemon (IBMA Bluegrass College Scholarship)
  • Tom & Gail McGowen
  • Thomas Metkus
  • Mark Nash
  • Nothing Bundt Cakes – Raleigh, NC
  • Mark Panfil
  • Stephan Roman (IBMA Bluegrass College Scholarship)
  • Leah Ross (in honor of Nancy Cardwell)
  • Jerry Salley
  • Travis Stimeling (Arnold Shultz Fund)
  • Mike & Yvonne Tatar
  • Joshua Taylor
  • Peter Thompson (Arnold Shultz Fund, Katy
  • Daley Broadcaster/Engineering Scholarship)
  • William Veilette
  • Avery Welter
  • Peter Wernick
  • Casey Willheim
  • Werter Willis
  • Bob Wright
  • Celia Millington-Wyckoff
  • Plus many more donors in the $1-99 “Supporters” range. We appreciate you all!

Legacy Society

Our gratitute is also extended to the following members of our Legacy Society, who have included the Foundation in their estate planning and wills:

  • Anonymous (2)
  • The late Richard Barnhart
  • Fred Bartenstein
  • The late Harry Edwards
  • Leuk Friglink
  • Laurie Greenberg
  • The late John Kaparakis
  • Tom Kopp
  • Penny Parsons
  • Joyce Shelleman
  • The late Barbara Bremmer Taylor
  • Tom Thorpe
  • Alan Tompkins
  • Bob Webster and Nancy Cardwell Webster

If we have accidentally left your name off the list or listed you in the wrong level, please email info@bluegrassfoundation.org and let us know.

Friend of the Foundation



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