Our Donors

Thanks to these kind supporters during the past year: November 1, 2020 - October 31, 2021.


(lifetime gifts of $100,000+)

Anonymous estate gift
The Richard Barnhart Estate



  • Mark Olson, The Purple Crayon (Arnold Shultz Fund)
  • Pisgah Banjo Company (Arnold Shultz Fund)
  • Lee Zapis, Z Mandolins (IBMA Bluegrass College Scholarship)



  • Rick & Wendy Lang (includes Rick Lang Music Songwriter Scholarship)
  • Richard Spratt (includes banjo donation for Strings for Dreams Bluegrass Raffle 2022)



  • Anonymous (instrument donation)
  • Gloria (Janie) Boyd, in memory of Mac Wiseman
  • Tom Brown, Fat Shirley’s Trailer Park Opry (Sally Ann Forrester College Scholarship, instrument donation)
  • Megan Brugger (Sally Ann Forrester College Scholarship)
  • The Marguerite Cole Foundation
  • The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee (teacher workshop grant)
  • Crandall Creek Bluegrass Band (Crandall Creek College Scholarship)
  • Katy Daley (Sally Ann Forrester College Scholarship)
  • Mike & Susan Ford (IBMA Foundation project grant in VA and Bluegrass in the Schools mini-grant in WV)
  • Robert Forrester (Sally Ann Forrester College Scholarship)
  • Laurie Greenberg
  • Arthur Hancock, IV
  • The John Hartford Family (Neil Rosenberg Bluegrass Scholar Award)
  • Peter Salovey & Martha Elisa Moret
  • Robb & Elizabeth Tyler Foundation



  • Casey Henry (Arnold Shultz Fund) 



  • Fred & Joy Bartenstein 
  • Bill Brown (IBMA Bluegrass College Scholarship, in honor of Katy Daley)
  • Ryan Craft 
  • Dan Dorschel
  • General Electric (employee match)
  • Bob Jeannin
  • Ruth McLain
  • Alan Tompkins



  • David Benedict (Sally Ann Forrester College Scholarship)
  • The Break Room (Lexington, KY)
  • Peggy Cabe
  • Nancy Cardwell 
  • Susan Comstock (Arnold Shultz Fund, in memory of Michael Lee Alexander)
  • Margaret Conrad (in memory of Sam Marshall)
  • Brent Davis
  • Regina Derzon
  • Malcomb Edwards
  • Adam Engelhardt
  • Jay Faber
  • Bill Foster (IBMA Bluegrass College Scholarship, Arnold Shultz Fund)
  • Raymond Hopkins
  • Chris Joslin
  • Kathy Kallick (Arnold Shultz Fund)
  • Bill Knowlton (in memory of Bill Vernon)
  • Jeffrey Koontz
  • Maurice Lesses (Arnold Shultz Fund)
  • Lluis Gomez Marinez
  • McCeney Trust
  • Kirstin Morris, The Charlotte Symphony (Sally Ann Forrester Scholarship, in memory of Shadrach Thomas Gibson)
  • Mary Mueller
  • Joe Mullins
  • Shauna Nefos
  • Christine Oricchio, in memory of Tony Williams
  • Joe Osborn
  • Mark Panfil
  • Jeff Poss, Calton Cases
  • James Reams (Arnold Shultz Fund)
  • John Robertson (in memory of Randy Miller)
  • Leah Ross (Arnold Shultz Fund)
  • Annie Savage (Arnold Shultz Fund)
  • Paul Schiminger
  • Michael Simpson
  • Travis Stimeling (Arnold Shultz Fund)
  • Joshua Taylor
  • Peter Thompson
  • Tom Thorpe
  • Ian Watkins (Arnold Shultz Fund)
  • Peter Wernick (Discover Bluegrass)
  • Wolfpen Branch (pop-up fundraiser concert)
  • John & Ellen Wright

…PLUS many more donors in the $1-99 range. We appreciate you all!

Our gratitude is also extended to the following members of our Legacy Society who have included the Foundation in their estate planning/wills:

  • Anonymous (2)

  • The late Richard Barnhart

  • Fred Bartenstein

  • The late Harry Edwards

  • Leuk Friglink

  • Laurie Greenberg

  • The late John Kaparakis

  • Tom Kopp

  • The late Barbara Bremmer Taylor

  • Tom Thorpe

  • Alan Tompkins

  • Bob and Nancy Cardwell Webster

If we have accidentally left your name off the list or listed you in the wrong level, please let us know.

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