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Brand Identity Guidelines

Name Use Policy


The purpose of this policy is to ensure appropriate use of The IBMA Foundation, Inc. (henceforth “Foundation”)’s name, logo and marks (collectively the “Protected Property”). In order to protect the reputation of our brand and name, the Foundation has specific guidelines regarding the use of Protected Property. This policy establishes when the Foundation’s Protected Property may be used, for what purposes, and restrictions that may apply to such use. Protected Property should only be used when the Foundation’s Board of Directors explicitly gives written permission, and that usage is restricted to the guidelines outlined in this policy.

The Foundation is internationally known for its charitable efforts with regard to bluegrass music and as a means for individuals and organizations to channel and achieve their philanthropic goals.  Thus, the Foundation’s Protected Property represents the high caliber and integrity of the Foundation and conveys the quality and breadth of the Foundation’s accomplishments. Leadership, volunteers and staff share in the benefits associated with the Foundation’s Protected Property, and therefore also share responsibilities concerning its use.

The Foundation must actively protect its Protected Property from unauthorized, improper or misleading use by individuals or organizations not associated with the Foundation and must assure that use of such Protected Property by those associated with it are appropriate. As described below, appropriate use indicates that the activity or product with which the Protected Property is being used has the necessary approval for use of same and reflects appropriately on the Foundation’s reputation.


Ownership of Protected Property

Any use of the Foundation’s Protected Property by an authorized user is that of licensee only.  All rights, title, interest and incidents of ownership in Protected Property, in whole or in part, are those of the Foundation subject to authorized use by a licensee.


Appropriate Use

The Foundation’s Protected Property may be used by the Board of Directors or staff for legitimate purposes that fall within the normal scope of Foundation business activities and communications. The Foundation’s Protected Property may be used in connection with Foundation-sponsored or Foundation-sanctioned activities or materials and must be used accurately as prescribed by the Board of Directors.

In its hopes to appropriately acknowledge donors or to recognize the use of funds or resources provided by the Foundation, individuals or organizations may list or use the Foundation’s name and logo or mark for purposes of factual acknowledgment of completed donations made to the Foundation and grants provided by the Foundation.  Use of the name in connection with third parties must conform to the examples provided below.  Use of other acknowledgments must be approved in writing in advance by the Foundation.

To acknowledge donation to the Foundation:

“(Donor name) supports the IBMA Foundation”
(Foundation logo use is permitted.)

To acknowledge grant/funding support from the Foundation:

“(Entity/program being funded) is funded in part by the IBMA Foundation”
(Foundation logo use is permitted.)


Inappropriate Use

Many well-intentioned efforts are aimed at raising funds for charitable projects, but without extraordinary direct involvement, the Foundation cannot vouch for or verify the validity of such efforts, nor can it be liable for the ultimate outcome and accounting of proceeds of such efforts.  Thus, the Foundation’s Protected Property may not be used in association with any such activity or outside venture without prior written approval by the Board of Directors.

Involvement by individual board members, volunteers or staff is not a sufficient basis for indicating Foundation sponsorship or endorsement.

In keeping with its status as a non-profit institution, the Foundation does not permit its Protected Property to be used in connection with partisan political activities, with any material that is pornographic or otherwise objectionable in the sole discretion of Foundation’s Board of Directors, with any material that libels or defames any other person or entity, or in connection with any material that violates any state, federal or foreign law or regulation.


Approval for Use

Anyone seeking approval for use of the Foundation’s Protected Property may contact the Foundation’s offices to seek such permission.  The Foundation’s Administrator or the President/Chairman of the Board is authorized to grant such approval, provided any such approval is in accordance with this Policy.

Some examples requiring prior written approval from the Foundation for use of its Protected Property by third parties include:

  • any marketing or promotional efforts
  • events or fundraisers activities
  • solicitations or requests for donations, including personal services or appearances
  • sales of products or services.

If approval is given in writing, the Foundation requires that the entity involved submit copies of any advertisements, promotional materials, requests for funding support or other uses of its name and marks for approval prior to dissemination or use.  The Foundation reserves sole discretion over such approval for any reason it deems necessary to protect its interests.

No entity granted permission may state or imply, either directly or indirectly, that their activities, other than those permitted by written agreement, are supported, endorsed or sponsored by the Foundation.  If found to be in conflict with this agreement, those granted permission shall issue disclaimers to that effect at their own expense upon the direction of the Foundation.


Consequences for Non-compliance

An entity that uses the Foundation’s Protected Property without written permission or fails to comply with the Foundation’s written request to change its use of the Foundation’s Protected Property shall be determined at the discretion of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, and subject to any remedies available to the Foundation under applicable law.



The Foundation may terminate any written approval granting the use of its Protected Property, at any time and for any reason, by giving written notice to the licensee (unless some other period of time has been agreed in writing).


Revision and Amendments

This policy may be amended from time to time by the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Logo Use

Color Prints

Vertical Lookup
For most uses, where there is plenty of white space available.

Horizontal Lookup
For uses fitting into a more vertical or square space.


One Color Prints

Dark Backgrounds
For uses of instances when there will be a dark background, use white lettering.

Color Specs

Below are color codes regarding the specific colors required to create our logo.

Dark Blue
CMYK – 99 / 86 / 24 / 10
RGB – 37 / 55 / 113
HEX – #253773

The sun is made of a gradient between two colors: Yellow starting on the left, with a gradient to orange on the right.

CMYK – 2 / 7 / 83 / 0
RGB – 255 / 227 / 57
HEX – #FFE339

CMYK – 1 / 61 / 94 / 0
RGB – 238 / 123 / 27



For consistency and compatibility, we recommend using Myriad Variable Black Condensed which is web-safe in any form of standard body text, ranging from copy in slide presentations, letters, website design and marketing materials.

Myriad Variable Black Condensed is a free font available through Adobe Suite.

Brand Identity Language

About Us

The IBMA Foundation is the philanthropic organization that supports programs and initiatives fostering the growth of bluegrass music. We connect resources to projects that focus on bluegrass music-related arts and culture, education, literary work, and historic preservation. We help donors create a legacy to benefit future generations of musicians and fans. For more information visit



Our mission is to build a brighter future for bluegrass music. We help donors create a bluegrass legacy by supporting programs and projects that focus on bluegrass music-related arts and culture, education, literary work and historic preservation.


Tag Line

A Brighter Future for Bluegrass



Working Together to Secure a Bright Future for Bluegrass Music


Short Impact Statement

With your help, bluegrass music can face a brighter future and enrich the lives of more people. The IBMA Foundation provides an efficient and effective means for individuals and organizations to support the future of bluegrass music through charitable donations and planned giving. We ensure a living, growing legacy for future generations of bluegrass musicians and fans. We work in close partnership with the International Bluegrass Music Association, the IBMA Trust Fund, the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame and Museum, and other organizations that share in our vision and goals.


Long Impact Statement

A Brighter Future for Bluegrass
With the support of many funding partners and a structure organized for permanent investments, bluegrass music will thrive and reach more people throughout the world.

Making Giving Easy
The IBMA Foundation provides an efficient and effective means for individuals and organizations with a passion for bluegrass music to support a brighter future for bluegrass music through charitable donations and planned giving.

Ours is a unique role as the principal philanthropic organization dedicated to the long-term support of the bluegrass community. We leverage funds to support worthy projects that focus on bluegrass music-related arts and culture, education, literary work and historic preservation.

You love bluegrass.
You would like to see bluegrass live forever.
We have a way you can do that…

Keep Bluegrass Alive and Growing
We help donors tailor gifts to match their interests, resulting in a living, growing legacy for future generations of bluegrass musicians and fans.

Strong Leadership
For over two decades, the IBMA Foundation has worked closely with hundreds of donors, the International Bluegrass Music Association, and other partners to keep bluegrass music growing.


Contact Us

The IBMA Foundation is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, with offices in Burlington, North Carolina. Our impact spans the globe.

Nancy Cardwell, Executive Director
IBMA Foundation
1183 University Drive #105-215
Burlington, NC 27215


The Board of Directors

The IBMA Foundation’s board, made up of a diverse group of bluegrass and business community leaders, provides overall direction and policy and is responsible for all grant allocations made from the Foundation’s funds.

Fred Bartenstein, Chairperson/ President
Kissy Black, Lotos Nile – Board Member
Sam Blumenthal, The Blumenthal Foundation – Board Member
Richard Brown, Harvard University & The Reunion Band – Board Member
Becky Buller, The Becky Buller Band – Board Member
Laurie Greenberg – Board Member
Michael Hall, The Northern California Bluegrass Music Society – Board Member
Arthur Hancock, IV, MusicalGuestBook, Wolfpen Branch – Board Member
Ruth McLain, McLain Family Band & Morehead State University – Secretary
Peter Salovey,  Ph.D., Yale University – Board Member
Alan Tompkins, Bluegrass Heritage Foundation – Vice Chairperson
Trisha Tubbs – Board Member
Wendy Tyner, Wintergrass/Acoustic Sound – Treasurer
Michael Webb, University of  Tennessee  – Board Member
Lillian Werbin, Elderly Instruments – Board Member
Ken White, IBMA Executive Director – Ex Officio Board Member

Friend of the Foundation



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The IBMA Foundation
1183 University Drive #105-215
Burlington, NC 27215