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IBMA Foundation 2022-2023 Year End Report

We’ve had a strong year at the IBMA Foundation. More than 900 supporters shared in our work, with contributions totaling over $100,000.  We distributed more than $90,000 in grants, scholarships, and programs. Since the beginning of the IBMA Foundation (formerly the Foundation for Bluegrass Music) in 2008, over $375,000 has been awarded! We are more grateful than ever for those who choose to help us build a brighter future for bluegrass.

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Balance and giving

Balance and giving

Think of everything we balance---work schedules, tires, checkbooks, meals, practicing and sharing music, and so much more. Yet, for all we so carefully keep in tune, few of us consider balancing our charitable giving. But like everything else that runs better when...

Bluegrass in the Schools Mini-grant report from New York

Bluegrass in the Schools Mini-grant report from New York

by Erin DuBois, Assistant Superintendent, Greenville Central School District I've attached a photo of one of the small group sessions with our fourth graders and the bluegrass band Medusa Moonshine.  Four classrooms of fourth grade students visited the Potter...

Fletcher Bright Memorial Grant from North Carolina

By Bayla Davis  The 2023 Béla Fleck Blue Ridge Banjo Camp was one of the best music camps I have ever been to! I attended in 2022 and liked it a lot. There weren’t a lot of kids last year, but I learned how to read tab and how to convert bluegrass songs into...

Project grant report from Kentucky

Project grant report from Kentucky

From Dave Howard, Executive Director, Louisville Folk School Thank you so much for helping us with the process of applying for an IBMA project grant this year. Thanks to the IBMA Foundation‘s support, our first-ever kids bluegrass camp was a huge success! We had eight...

Remembering Frank Solivan Sr

Remembering Frank Solivan Sr

by Michael Hall (reprinted with permission from the Northern California Bluegrass Society) Frank Solivan Sr.—who changed the future course of bluegrass music when he organized onstage children’s performances at festivals—died August 24 following a serious vehicle...

College bands to showcase September 29-30

Be sure to join us Friday and Saturday, September 29 and 30, at the Youth Stage in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, for the IBMA Foundation’s annual Bluegrass College Band Showcase. We are honored to spotlight emerging bluegrass talent from a diverse group of...

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