The IBMA Foundation supports programs and initiatives fostering the growth of bluegrass music. We help donors create a legacy for future generations of musicians and fans by connecting resources to projects that focus on bluegrass music-related arts and culture, education, literary work, and historic preservation. Join us on FaceBook.

Our patrons

We are so grateful for the support of our patrons. Click here to see the list of our generous donors.

Two types of grants

IBMA Foundation Project Grants- (up to $2000 each) are designed to assist programs that align with the goals of the Foundation. Deadline to apply: December 1. 


Bluegrass in the Schools Mini Grants- Schools or other groups organizing "Bluegrass in the Schools" assemblies should apply for a Mini Grant instead. (generally $300 per school assembly)


To download the appropriate forms for these two types of grants, click on the "Grant" tab at the top of our Home Page.

The work of the Foundation

The IBMA Foundation has proudly supported these worthwhile programs:


Project Grant Recipients:











and dozens of Mini-grants, funding live, educational presentations by bluegrass bands from around the world, at schools.


Bluegrass in the Schools Mini Grants are for schools or other groups organizing “Bluegrass in the Schools” assemblies (generally $300 per school assembly)

Bluegrass in the Schools Mini-Grants

The IBMA Foundation’s Bluegrass in the Schools Mini-Grants are made possible in part by an endowment from the estate of Richard Charles Barnhart.

This application may be submitted for supplemental matching funding requests of up to $300 for educational in-school programs that present bluegrass music.

While the membership of the IBMA Foundation appreciates all forms of music related to bluegrass, including mountain music, old-time, early country, Cajun, blues and a host of other styles which influenced the development of and evolution of bluegrass music, we must give priority to funding presentations with a central focus on bluegrass music. Live ensemble demonstrations are encouraged, along with a brief overview of the history and pioneers of bluegrass music, the instruments used and their role in a band, the vocal harmony structure used in bluegrass music and bluegrass music today.

In the “Brief Description of Presentation” field below, we’re looking for 75-150 words describing the program to be presented including major points it will cover and what instruments will be demonstrated.


Click here to download the application form for the Bluegrass in the Schools Mini Grants. NOTE: We are currently out of budgeted funds for Mini Grants for the rest of the July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020 fiscal year. Please wait to apply after July 1, 2020 for a Mini Grant.

Please enclose artist program presentation materials with this application and mail to:

IBMA Foundation
Bluegrass in the Schools Committee

4206 Gallatin Road
Nashville, TN 37216


Or you may fill it out electronically and email it to