Applications for grants from the Arnold Shultz Fund are due January 31, 2021, for qualified activities, scholarships, or programs. The IBMA Foundation will be awarding up to $5,000 from the Arnold Shultz Fund in 2021 to one or more qualified activities that increase participation in bluegrass music by people of color. Such activities may include but are not limited to:

  • Programs designed to encourage participation in bluegrass music by people of color of any age (e.g., producing or distributing an educational video, creating an online workshop, mentor program).
  • Bluegrass performance outreach programs to populations that are underrepresented in bluegrass.
  • Scholarship or expense reimbursement for people of color to attend a bluegrass music camp, take bluegrass music lessons, or attend a school or program focused on bluegrass music or the bluegrass industry (e.g., music business).
  • Funding for an instrument or instrument lending program, particularly if it benefits people of color with economic challenges that keep them from being able to own an instrument and play bluegrass music.

    Applicants may be an individual, school, group, organization, or government entity. Priority will be given to programs or activities that demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity and serving diverse, underrepresented populations in bluegrass music. Creative approaches are especially encouraged. People of color are people who are of racial/ethnic backgrounds that are underrepresented in bluegrass (Black, Asian, Hispanic/Latino, Indigenous First Peoples, Indigenous Pacific Islander, etc.).

Apply here. 

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