Our featured supporter this month is bass player and singer Vickie Vaughn, of Nashville, Tennessee.

Q. How did you get interested in bluegrass music, and how are you involved now?

A. I got involved in bluegrass much like the way other folks get involved. When I was 13, my Daddy took me to a jam in the town near where I grew up in Symsonia, Kentucky. There was a bass present, but no bass player. So I picked up the bass and tried to play along with the boys. I was completely “eat up” up with the camaraderie. Now, I’m a full-time musician. I am honored to get to sing background vocals with Patty Loveless and I also play bass and sing with both High Fidelity and Della Mae. 

Q. Why do you support the IBMA Foundation and why do you think others should consider doing so?

A. Supporting the IBMA Foundation is so important to me! Like I said earlier, the camaraderie of playing in a band is what led me to love bluegrass. The community is unparalleled. Without support, whether it be emotional, mental, or financial, there is no community to be had. To keep our bluegrass brothers and sisters involved in our beloved genre, let’s all gather to be as supportive as we can! 

Photo above: Vickie Vaughn teaches bluegrass bass at a festival camp.
(phot in newsletter by Zach Knudsen)

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