The IBMA Foundation is proud to announce that the following board members have been elected by IBMA to return for a second three-year term, ending June 30, 2024:

Fred Bartenstein

Kissy Black

Sam Blumenthal

Alan Tompkins.

The new executive director of IBMA, Pat Morris, was also elected to the Foundation board as an ex-officio, voting member. We thank Paul Schiminger, outgoing IBMA executive director, for his years of service to the IBMA Foundation and its board.

The Foundation elected officers for the July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022 term. These include Fred Bartenstein (president/board chair), Alan Tompkins (vice-chair), Ruth McLain (secretary), and Wendy Tyner (treasurer). Please click here for photos of all IBMA Foundation board members and officers. 

The IBMA Foundation supports programs and initiatives fostering the growth of bluegrass music. We help donors create a legacy for future generations of musicians and fans by connecting resources to projects that focus on bluegrass music-related arts and culture, education, literary work, and historic preservation.

Board members are expected to attend board meeting, be knowledgeable, participate in committees, make a financial commitment, attend functions, be an advocate, exercise confidentiality and discretion, discharge fiduciary duties, and avoid conflicts of interest. For more information on serving on the IBMA Foundation board or as a member of a committee, please contact Nancy Cardwell at

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