Lillian Werbin is an active member of the IBMA Foundation’s Arnold Shultz Fund advisory committee and host of the video released earlier this year to promote the 2021 application deadline for Shultz Fund grants. Here’s Lily!

Q: How did you get interested in bluegrass music, and what is your role in the bluegrass music industry/community at present?

A. I grew up around the bluegrass and American roots music scene, so the interest came naturally.  I am president/co-owner of Elderly Instruments, as well as an organizer for quite a few folk instrument-related events throughout each year.  I pride myself on supporting musicians in the way they need to be supported, be it planning concerts, festivals, camps, or simply getting the right instrument into the right hands.

Q. Why do you support the IBMA Foundation, and why would you encourage others to do so?

A. My personal and professional life depends on music and tradition being passed down. I want to see musicians able to better their craft and sound, so that bluegrass as a genre lives on. The IBMA Foundation has a rich history of supporting musicians and is on the path to widen its influence. “Now” is always a good time to support, especially when it comes to music. 

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