A message from Nancy Cardwell

The lyrics to two songs—one old and one new–come to mind this month as I sit down to finish up the September 2021 issue of The Cornerstone: Ola Belle Reed’s “I’ve Endured” and Tim O’Brien’s “He Walked On.”

Along with temps in the high 90s (to be expected here in the South during the dog days of summer), the nation is dealing with an upsurge of Delta variant COVID-19 diagnoses and hospitalizations, our friends in Louisiana are fighting to survive Hurricane Ida, and the entire world casts a worried eye on Afghanistan. IBMA staff is working hard to make the annual World of Bluegrass event as safe as possible for those able to join us in Raleigh September 28 – October 2, plus continue some virtual events for those who can’t. (More info as it becomes available at https://worldofbluegrass.org.)

I don’t have the heart to list all my friends from the extended bluegrass family who have passed away in recent weeks. But bluegrassers are made of stern stuff, and we look for hope and encouragement where we can find it—in recent news of new births, weddings, new music, the return of live concerts and festivals, opportunities for charitable efforts and philanthropy, and of course, by making plans to get together at IBMA’s annual World of Bluegrass “homecoming” this fall.

Today’s issue will include news about the nine college bluegrass bands showcasing in Raleigh October 1-2, info on upcoming project grant and Arnold Shultz Fund grant application deadlines, a donor spotlight on banjo player/comedian Steve Martin, a welcome to new Foundation board member Pat Morris, and a shout out to new and continuing donors from the past two years. We appreciate you! Now, let’s walk on.

–Nancy Cardwell

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