It’s February and here’s my Valentine  to you. Thank you for everything you do to create, support and share bluegrass music with the world. A special thanks to those who have made donations to one of the many IBMA Foundation grant programs, scholarships, and our other work to help make the future of bluegrass brighter for future generations. 

A recent donor said he was glad to have the opportunity to help out. “It is an honor and a privilege. All one can do in life is the next right thing.”

Thought-provoking advice for all of us, isn’t it? If the next right thing for you to do is send a Valentine to future bluegrass musicians and scholars, here’s a list of cards at the Foundation boutique:

$500 – pays for a live, educational presentation of bluegrass music for students at a school through our Bluegrass in the Schools Mini-Grant program.

$1,000 honors the work of the scholar who presents the best academic paper on bluegrass music during the current year, with the Neil Rosenberg Bluegrass Scholar Award

 $1,000 – $2,500 supports a scholarship for a female bluegrass musician, bluegrass songwriter, an individual studying broadcasting or sound engineering, a college student majoring or minoring in a bluegrass-related field or who performs in a bluegrass ensemble. Check with us for more details.

$1,000 – 2,000 supports an Arnold Shultz Fund grant to encourage participation in bluegrass music by people of color

$1000 – 2,000 pays for one of our flagship IBMA Foundation project grants, supporting a bluegrass-related program or initiative in the areas of education, arts and culture, literary and academic events, and historic preservation. An article in this newsletter  announces the 2022 project grant recipients.

$1,000 sponsors the annual gathering of bluegrass college educators at World of Bluegrass in Raleigh or the Bluegrass College Info Session that spotlights bluegrass programs at colleges and universities, plus some live music from student bands.

A gift of any amount is welcome for the programs listed above, or simply to be used “where needed most.” We’ll also be happy to speak with you about donations of stocks, contributions to the IBMA Foundation’s permanent endowments, or your estate plans.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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