Are you looking to save money this year? Are you planning for your future? If you have a passion for sharing bluegrass music with future generations, the IBMA Foundation can partner with you. 

There are a number of charitable plans that can help you save on taxes this year and secure your financial future. You can receive a charitable deduction by making a gift of your low-performing CDs, stocks, bonds or even cash. We can also accept your appreciated assets like real estate or a business interest, and help you sell them tax-free. If you are looking for income now or in the future, there are a number of ways we can help you generate tax savings and provide you with a stream of income for life. 

Become a champion for the future of bluegrass music by developing your own personal bluegrass legacy to see that the music continues forever. We are ready to assist you in exploring additional flexible gift options such as multi-year pledges, stock transfers, a provision in your will, and many more ideas that may provide you a tax and income benefit as well as the satisfaction that you’ve helped your favorite music to continue into the future. 

All of these gifts help you and help the IBMA Foundation continue its valuable work. To learn more about the benefits of making a planned gift, you can visit our website,call us today at 615,260.4807, or email 

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