by Eric Shi

I’m writing to you to tell you about my second educational video, which took us over a month. I finished the production in October and uploaded it to YouTube.

This time I arranged “Amarillo By Morning” by George Strait. I’ve been fond of this song since college. The prelude of the song was a fiddle solo, and I tried replacing it with the erhu (a Chinese two-stringed bowed musical instrument).

We have a new drummer this time. It’s his first time to get involved with bluegrass and country music. He said he liked it and was planning to play this kind of music when he attends church activities as a Christian. I’ve been thinking of adding a little drum, so that strong rhythm can be maintained when there are not lots of performers. I may keep trying it in future.

The video was shot in a county in my city (which is not very far from downtown) called Yongjia, with beautiful landscapes. There are brooks and bamboo forests. I invited a photographer to help me shoot the video and the video image quality was enhanced a lot.

It’s also my son’s first time to play with the band. He was not quite comfortable with the long time standing during the shooting, but the good news is he told me he had a great time after returning home.

Here is the weblink to the song:  [Mr. Shi posts bluegrass videos on YouTube that combine traditional bluegrass and Chinese instrumentation, educational tools for his banjo and guitar students to play along with.]

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