The IBMA Foundation has one, part-time staff person: executive director Nancy Cardwell.

How do we get so much accomplished? Like a good bluegrass band, the Foundation is a team effort. Let’s take a moment to thank all of the hard-working board members, committee members, and contract staff who work year-round to build a brighter future for bluegrass music. It’s an impressive list!

Current board members:

Fred Bartenstein (board chair, president)
Alan Tompkins (vice-chair), the Bluegrass Heritage Foundation
Ruth McLain (secretary), the McLain Family Band, Morehead State University
Wendy Tyner (treasurer), Wintergrass/ Acoustic Sound
Kissy Black, Lotos Nile
Sam Blumenthal, the Blumenthal Foundation
Richard Brown, the Reunion Band, Harvard University
Becky Buller, the Becky Buller Band
Michael Hall, the Northern California Bluegrass Society
Arthur Hancock, Wolfpen Branch
Pat Morris, IBMA executive director
Peter Salovey, Yale University, the Bluegrass Professors
Trisha Tubbs
Michael Webb, University of Tennessee
Lillian Werbin, Elderly Instruments

Former board members: Greg Cahill, Peter D’Addario, Henri Deschamps, Mary Doub, Tom Kopp, Kitsy Kuykendall, Jed Malischke, Carl Pagter, Mark Panfil, Paul Schiminger, Richard Spratt, Tim Stafford, Stephanie Taylor, Yvonne Tatar, Richard Tucker

Bluegrass in the Schools Mini-grant & Fletcher Bright Memorial Grant Review Committee 2022:
Phil Bankester (chair), Heidi Herzog, Jana Mougin, Yvonne Tatar

College Scholarship Review Committee 2022:
Megan Brugger, Becky Buller, Lisa Burns,  Chris Keenan, Valerie Smith, Abi Tapia, Bruce Winges

Finance Committee 2022:
Wendy Tyner (chair), Fred Bartenstein, Richard Brown, Peter Salovey, Alan Tompkins

Rick Lang Music Songwriter Scholarship Review Committee 2022:
Mark “Brink” Brinkman, Thomm Jutz, John Pennell, Julie Pennell

Marketing/ Communications Committee 2022:
Kissy Black (chair), Fred Bartenstein, Sam Blumenthal, Michael Hall, Peter Salovey

Nominating Committee 2022:
Michael Hall (chair), Kissy Black, Sam Blumenthal, Wendy Tyner

Philanthropy Committee 2022:
Michael Webb (chair), Sam Blumenthal, Richard Brown, Alan Tompkins, Wendy Tyner

Project Grant Review Committee 2022:
Sam Blumenthal, Peggy Cabe, Mark Panfil, Wendy Tyner, John Young

Rosenberg Bluegrass Scholar Award Review Committee 2022: Travis D. Stimeling (chair), Tim Stafford

Arnold Shultz Fund Committee 2022:
Richard Brown (co-chair), Neil Rosenberg (co-chair), Erika Brady, Sav Sankaran, Trisha Tubbs, Lillian Werbin

Strings for Dreams Bluegrass Raffle Committee 2022:
Laurie Greenberg (chair), Kissy Black, Erin Erdos, Valerie Smith, Wendy Tyner

Auditor: Chris Grayson, CPA; AJG CPAs, PLLC
Bookkeeper: Debbie Trouy
CPA: Scott Clay, Riney, Hancock & Associates
Graphic design: Erin Faith Erdos, Karen Simon, Lotos Nile (Foundation logos)
Printer: Greenwell Chisholm
Website designer: Elle Smith
Website server host: Gerald Jones

Executive Director: Nancy Cardwell

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