Casey Henry, of Winchester, Virginia, works with her family’s Murphy Method DVD and video instruction company, which teaches bluegrass music by ear. An accomplished banjo, bass player and singer, Casey has performed and recorded in nationally touring bands and is a sought-after bluegrass camp and workshop instructor. Casey has been a strong supporter of the IBMA Foundation and the Arnold Shultz Fund for several years, including some instrument donations.

Q. How did you get involved in bluegrass music?

A. I was raised in bluegrass, with parents who were (and still are) professional bluegrass musicians. Additionally, they founded the Murphy Method when I was little, so I was also around music instruction all along. That made it easy to take up bass (to play in our family band) and then banjo as a teenager. I’ve never put it down, and I continue to teach and play for a living. 

Q. Why do you support the IBMA Foundation, and why do you suggest that others do so?

A. The Foundation plays several important roles in the bluegrass community, from offering grants for educational programs and supporting increasing diversity in bluegrass, to providing scholarships for college-bound musicians. All of these initiatives help grow our community, which is important for the future of our music and our businesses. Even if you can’t provide financial support there are other ways to help, including donating instruments and publicizing the programs. It is up to us, the current members of this community, to ensure its future health.

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