By Anni Beach

With deepest gratitude, I am submitting the report for our five recipients of the Fletcher Bright Memorial Grant for Young Musicians. Fair Black Rose of Jam Pak was an invited band to participate in the World of Bluegrass 2022 in Raleigh, North Carolina, from September 29 to October 2, 2022. We requested help from the IBMA Foundation and $200 scholarships were awarded to the five members who were under 21 years of age. The money was used to help cover the cost of airfare from Phoenix to Raleigh and to secure a rental vehicle. The band had a wonderful time performing and jamming over the three days of the event. Here are some statements:

Lucy Tanyi—Banjo: “My experience at Raleigh was amazing and so entertaining. I loved performing for large crowds and had fun jamming with other people (and especially with my friend and teacher Cathy Fink). I had a great time and I hope to be back. Thank you so much for the scholarship to help all of us.”

Carlos Parra—Fiddle: “My experience of Raleigh was great. I always love coming to Raleigh and taking in the amazing weather and the great people that we encounter. Although everything was inside they still made it an amazing time with amazing music. It was one of my highlights of the year and I hope to be back again in 2023. (Maybe no hurricane this time!)”

Maxwell Klett—Mandolin: “Raleigh was an amazing experience for me personally. I got to meet wonderful musicians and was able to fully express my mandolin skills. Both years were very unique, and I hope to experience it again.”

Rosy Lopez—Guitar: “It was a fun and great experience. It was amazing seeing all these people come together and jam. It felt good to bring a sense of diversity into the IBMA with Fair Black Rose!”

Alasya Zeweldi—Mountain Dulcimer:  “I was already at American University and was driven from Washington, DC in the night during the hurricane. I got there for Friday night jamming and the Saturday performances. It was great being with my bandmates again. Being part of that music scene is just the most awesome. I am grateful that it all came together so that I could perform and be part of the bluegrass scene. Thank you so much!”

From Anni Beach—Founder and Band Leader of the Jam Pak Blues ‘N’ Grass Neighborhood Band of Chandler, Arizona. “All of these band members started In Jam Pak as young children. And to be able to get them onto the international stage and represent that ‘Bluegrass is for Everyone’ is like no other experience.  Thank you so much for supporting us in this effort.”

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