For those interested in academic research, conversations, and workshops on the topic of bluegrass and related string band music, the place to be is the second annual String Band Summit February 9-12, hosted on the campus of East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, Tennessee. The theme of this year’s conference is “Crossing Borders of Genre and Geography.”

In addition to workshops and research presentations, there will be performances, dance and jamming. Students attend for free, and there are scholarships available for artists and independent scholars. Info:

Presenters and performers on the schedule include:  

Roy Andrade, Daniel Atwood, Lee and Emily Bidgood, Cade Botts, Daryl Carter, Kathleen Coker, Mike Compton, Emily Dingler, ETSU Dance Band, Kristina Gaddy, Sam Gleaves and the Berea Bluegrass Ensemble, Global String Band, Heather Grimm, DaShawn Hickman, Richard Hood, Charlie Hunter, Phil Jamison, Kaptza (Hungarian Folk Band), Ben Krakauer, Conor MacAuley, Jane MacMorran, David McCormick, Esther Morgan-Ellis and Licklog Stringband, Jocelyn Neal, Nate Olson, Ted Olson, Aaron Ratcliffe, Joti Rockwell, Pete Ross, and Maako Shiratori.

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