by Erin DuBois, Assistant Superintendent, Greenville Central School District

I’ve attached a photo of one of the small group sessions with our fourth graders and the bluegrass band Medusa Moonshine.  Four classrooms of fourth grade students visited the Potter Hollow School House on Friday, June 9, and spent the day learning about what it would have been like to grow up attending a one-room schoolhouse during the 19th and early 20th centuries.  Students listened to presenters on period architecture and were able to construct a small post-and-beam structure. They also saw a tinsmith at work and learned about the tools and functionality of tin pieces years ago.  

Thanks to the Bluegrass in the Schools Mini-grant that the IBMA Foundation provided, our students also enjoyed a small group session with the bluegrass band Medusa Moonshine, and they learned about the origins of the music and instruments commonly found in bluegrass music.  A bluegrass concert for the entire fourth grade cohort was the culminating event of the day. 

Please extend our gratitude to the IBMA Foundation for the mini -grant that provided this opportunity for our students. 

Thanks so much.

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