Friend of the Foundation

Friends of the Foundation to launch Sept. 2, 2023

The IBMA Foundation is proud to announce a new way to participate in making the future of bluegrass music brighter. Become a Friend of the Foundation!

If you are willing to share information with friends and colleagues about IBMA Foundation scholarships, grants, and programs, you are WELCOME to use the Friend of the Foundation logo at the top of this page on your websites, social media pages, marketing messages, liner notes, and fliers. Email for a free brochure and Friend of the Foundation sticker for your car, bicycle, skateboard, or instrument case.  

The Friends of the Foundation ambassador/street team is open to all individuals, companies, and organizations interested in helping bluegrass music grow, and in sharing it with future generations and new audiences around the world. Here are ways you can be a Friend of the Foundation:  

Join the street team working together to create a brighter future for bluegrass.

SIGN UP now.

Click here for ideas about how to help as a Friend of the Foundation.

CONTACT: (615) 260-4807,

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