By James Fox

Hello and thank you all at the IBMA Foundation for your support of the California Bluegrass Association’s Bluegrass Bridge program here at Avenal State Prison. This program has exposed many of the residents here to bluegrass music and is creating the opportunity for many to get a chance to learn to sing and play music, who otherwise would not.

The CBA, through Pete Lude and Nate Schwartz, has now provided my community with two dynamic and joyful shows. They have also donated six instruments and several books to our new bluegrass program. The IBMA Foundation has been a part of that, and it is my sincere desire to express my gratitude to you all for everything you’ve done to both preserve bluegrass music and to bring hope, joy, and the ability to create music and express ourselves to the men locked up here in A.S.P.

Warm regards and gratitude.

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